[bug fix] Nvidia non-free driver on Debian Testing

01 november 2011 | Classified in: Linux | Tags: Debian, nvidia, xserver, bug

Here is how to (temporary) fix an important bug (#642757) occurring with nvidia non-free driver on Debian Wheezy (Testing) and xserver-xorg version 1.11.1.

Note: The problem has been fixed in Debian Testing, this article is for information only.

This bug affect the Xserver-xorg and result in very high CPU loads causing the system to freeze or lag...

An easy way to fix this issue is to downgrade the xserver's packages to the version present in Debian Squeeze (Stable) until the issue is fixed:

  • Add Debian Stable repository to your sources.list and update the packages list.
  • Then use aptitude to downgrade the xserver-xorg packages:
    #aptitude install "~i xserver-xorg-*"/stable
  • Restart the X server (by login out the session for example) for the modifications to take effect.

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